Feb 24 2020

Efile your Tax Return Free online with the Federal Edition, free federal efile.

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Free Tax Preparation and eFiling: eFile Federal Edition

eFile is pleased to continue offering easy online tax filing with the eFile FREE Federal Edition tax serviceFree File. No tax forms to choose–simply follow the easy online tax interview, then click efile and you are done. Learn more details about eFile Free Federal Edition below:

You qualify for eFile Federal Edition – Free File if:

eFile Federal Edition – Free File tax services include:

Estimate Your Tax Return with Our FREE 2017 Tax Calculator

If you are not sure if you qualify for eFile Free Federal Edition, start your tax return using eFile Federal Edition and make sure you answer all the simple questions. During the eFile tax preparation interview and based on your tax answers you will get a notice with a recommendation to upgrade to the eFile Premium Edition.

Multiple State Tax Returns:

All Federal Edition online tax services are free except the State Tax Return service, which is available for an additional fee of $ 29.95 only $19.95. This means that you can prepare and efile as many State Tax Returns as you need to for one low price of only $19.95 for all State Returns, not each! No Credit Card needed; have your State Tax Return fee deducted from your refund.

No Credit Card Needed – Deduct Fee From Refund (DFFR) with e-collect

Free federal efile

You can deduct any fees on from your anticipated tax refund, thus, you will not need a credit card. During checkout simply select the e-Collect – Deduct Fee from Refund or DFFR option. You will need a bank account and select the direct bank deposit option.

How Does e-Collect or Deduct Fee from Refund Work?

If you choose to have your tax preparation fee deducted from your tax refund, your refund will be transferred from the IRS to our partner bank Bancorp. The funds will then be transferred through our e-Collect partner EPS Financial to your bank account. Thus, you will receive your refund from EPS Financial. The processing fee to deduct your tax preparation fee and to complete the bank transfer is only $24.95 (other major companies charge up to $ 34.99). This fee will be deducted from your tax refund, along with your tax return preparation charges. The e-Collect processing fee of $24.95 is charged by our e-Collect partner EPS Financial, not by You benefit from using e-Collect by not having to pay your tax preparation fee up front with your Credit Card.

If you used e-Collect for your tax refund management, you can check your tax refund status with EPS Financial using this link: Check your e-collect Tax Refund Status. Be prepared to provide your Social Security Number, zip code, and the answer to the security question you chose while registering for e-Collect (see the sample screen above) .

This feature of the efile tax service allows you to start an online tax return for free. At any time you can Stop n Go: stop and save your information, then go watch a movie or run errands and come back later. After you have signed back in, eFile will remember where you left off and you can continue from there.

The preferred tax payer choice: eFile Premium Edition (for every tax return situation from home mortgage payers to business owners).

Preparing and Filing State Returns

For your convenience, and to reduce errors, we recommend you efile your state tax return when you efile your federal income tax return online. However, if you have already filed your federal return elsewhere, you can efile only your state return on

Start Your Tax Return

Free federal efile Why

Free federal efile Biggest, Fastest Tax Refund

Free federal efile Dare to Compare

Free federal efile Free Basic – Form 1040EZ is FREE

No credit card needed. Deduct fee from refund.

Unlimited State Returns for only $19.95

Learn about state return preparation” data-toggle=”popover” href=”javascript:void(0)” rel=”popover” id=”rightPrices”>Lowest Price Guarantee

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