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Forms and help filing your AZ income tax returns, where to get income tax forms.

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Arizona Individual Income Tax: Arizona Tax Forms / Filing

If you earned income from an Arizona source, you are probably required to file a tax return in Arizona. Here are some valuable resources for you if you are filing tax returns for Arizona for last year, or any previous year.

Get Arizona Tax Forms Online

In Arizona you can no longer order income tax forms to have them mailed to you. You can get Arizona tax forms from the current and previous years from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Just select the type of forms you are looking for, then select the year.

Get Federal Tax Forms Online

You can obtain Federal tax forms from the current and previous years from the IRS online.

Where To Mail Your State Tax Return If You Live in Arizona

Please note that many of the addresses may look the same, but they are not! The zip codes are different, allow for better sorting and more efficient processing of your tax documents. All those addresses, both Arizona and federal, are to be used only for personal/individual tax returns.

If you have waited until the last day to prepare your taxes and you need to get them postmarked before midnight, here s where you can do that.

Important Local Arizona Tax Resources

  • You might need to call or visit an Arizona Department of Revenue Customer Service Center. Here are the important AZDOR telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Here are the lists of organizations that qualify as Arizona charitable organizations and Foster Care organizations. If you donated money or property to one of these Arizona organizations, you may be eligible for a tax deduction or a tax credit.
  • Do you owe back taxes in Arizona, or owe more than you can pay right now? Find out how to arrange for scheduled payments or a monthly installment plan or other accommodations.
  • If you take a deduction for the vehicle license tax paid on your car or truck, you can go online to find out how much that was. Just go to the ADOT MVD online. You will need to enter your name, date of birth and your Driver License number.

There are several organizations in the Greater Phoenix area that offer free tax advice and might even have a service to file the forms for you. These services are for individual returns only. Businesses are usually not covered, although self-employed people might be able to get advice under some programs.

Some of these organizations have eligibility requirements for free help. They are most concerned with assisting those people with lower incomes, who are elderly or have disabilities. Check to verify that you are eligible to receive these free services first before you make an appointment or before you travel to an event that doesn t require advance registration.

No matter which service you use, you ll need to bring as much information as you can in order for them to properly advise you. Those items typically include:

  • Social Security numbers for all household members
  • Photo ID for taxpayer and spouse
  • All W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Name, address, and tax ID# of child care provider, if any
  • child care expense receipts
  • Account number and routing numbers for direct deposit (a voided check works for this)
  • Copy of last year s tax return, if available
  • If married filing jointly, both adults must be present to sign the required forms
  • medical receipts
  • receipts from charities
  • receipts for sales tax for large purchases, like a car
  • Forms 1095-A, B or C if you are enrolled for health care through the Health Insurance Marketplace ( Obamacare ).

Free Tax Help in Greater Phoenix

Where the organization provides services: more than 25 locations in Greater Phoenix

Who can get help: individuals and families with low to moderate incomes, people with disabilities, and seniors. Spanish available.

How to get help here: walk-in or by appointment. Each location has specific days of the week and hours. Outside of Greater Phoenix, check here to enter your zip code to find a nearby location in Arizona.

Where the organization provides services: about 70 locations in Arizona, more than 30 in Greater Phoenix

Who can get help: adults age 50 , individuals and families with low to moderate incomes, people with disabilities, and seniors, some self-employed or one-person businesses. Spanish available.

How to get help here: walk-in or by appointment. Each location has specific days of the week and hours.

Who can get help: people with disabilities, seniors, and individuals and families earning $54,000 or less. Spanish available.

Other Arizona Tax Resources

  • Find a qualified tax professional at the Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents Tax Information Center.
  • Get tax tips and read articles relative to personal tax issues at CNNfn.
  • See what TurboTax says are the 10 deductions that many people forget to take.

Don t procrastinate. Get to it, and know where you stand now. Set aside a day. Have snack foods ready. Organize your records. This will leave you time to get assistance if you find it necessary. You may need to plan ahead to pay what you owe, or invest (not spend!) what you get back. No matter how it turns out, remember to reward yourself for getting it done.

Filing an Extension on Your Arizona Return

An extension is a way to ask the IRS for more time to file your tax return. It is critical to understand, however, that an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

Your Arizona individual income tax return, or an extension if you are filing one, is due on April 15th, or the next business day if that falls on a Saturday or Sunday or holiday. Arizona personal income tax extensions are allowed for up to six months.

To apply for a state extension, file Arizona Form 204. If you must make a payment, you still use Arizona Form 204.

If you filed for a federal extension on Form 4868, you do not have to attach a copy of your federal extension to your Arizona tax return. The extension forms will specify the date by which your final return must be mailed.

You must still pay 100% of your tax liability by the original due date of your return (April). If you do not pay 100% of the tax shown on your return with the extension, you will be subject to a late payment penalty. If you do not pay at least 90% of the tax liability disclosed by your return at the time of the extension, you will be subject to the extension underpayment penalty and interest.

Make checks payable to Arizona Department of Revenue, and mark the outside of the envelope Extension Request. Keep a copy of Form 204 that you submitted. You can also pay the taxes due on Form 204 by credit card—here are those instructions. Be aware that there will be an extra fee for charging your tax due to a credit card.

eFile in Arizona

You can certainly file your Arizona tax return electronically if you are willing to pay a fee, but if you meet certain criteria with respect to income, you might be able to eFile your Arizona tax return for free. Not only does it save on postage, but if your forms are complete and accurate you ll get any refund faster. I get mine in about a week when I eFile.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional, and the above information is subject to change without notice. If you have questions about filing an extension in Arizona, you can contact the Arizona Department of Revenue or a tax professional.

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