Feb 24 2020

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Novelty Proof of Income

We provide professional novelty proof of income documents which can be an amusing and entertaining way to convince friends and family that you have hit the jackpot. Our high quality fake documents include novelty p45’s, SA302, P60’s and tax coding paperwork which are perfect for pulling the perfect prank or joke.

A P45 is a document which is issued to employers who leave a place of work. It provides the details surrounding an employee’s departure from a particular job. A novelty version of this form allows you to create a variety of fun and ludicrous reasons for your job termination. Consider giving this as a gift, or show it to family members to convince them you have been fired as a joke.

A P60 is a document which serves as an end-of-year-certificate and can create the illusion that you have a large amount of money to your name. It is issued by all employers to their employees for tax purposes, so you can use your fake P60 to convince friends that you have obtained the job of a lifetime. This document reflects taxable income and deductions which need to be made, so it is important for it to appear authentic for gag purposes. A novelty p60 should only be used for entertainment purposes, and not as a substitute document.

All UK residents should be familiar with the sa302 form. This form serves as a receipt from HMRC, and it provides the proof for how much tax you owe, or for how much tax you have paid according to your earnings over the past year. This is the type of document that many UK resident do not have. This makes a novelty version of the form believable to parents who understand that you can request one from HMRC. Once they see how much “taxes” you have paid according to your sizeable earnings, they will surely take the bait. It contains information such as year of reference, full name, income earned before taxes, and pension, property and interest, and dividends. All of these factors play a huge part in convincing others that the form is real. If you have not seen friends or family for a substantial period of time, then try using this novelty form to play a fun trick on them.

Our simple step by step online process allows you to preview your novelty income form before a final version is completed so you can create the perfect novelty proof of income letter. All our documents are printed using the latest digital technology to ensure a high quality document is produced every time.

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